Posie People

Posie People
She has a dark brown hair, brown eye. She likes to dress comfortably but in a very classy way.

In day time she work as a writter more info here. She loves the meaning of words, how different words sound & mean.
She also love things that have meaning.

She likes to decorate her room with the things she likes, the things that inspired her.
Talking about her handbag, she bought it from Milan, from an old factory making natural dye leather bag.
She always carry it around and when someone asks about where she bought it, she would proudly told the story to them.

She is a very caring person. She cares for people around her.
She always brought gifts when she is going to a friend’s home or when she is going to a meeting.
This things she always does surprise people and give a good environment to a meeting.
Everything she does is either inspired or make a world a better place.